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XLSim is used by thousands of people and is compatible with several versions of Excel running in 32-bit mode on Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.

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Probability management

Start curing the flaw of averages by using & sharing probability distributions. Visit ProbabilityManagement.Org for best practices and sample models.

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Online Stock DIST Generator
Markowitz 2.0 Portfolio Model for Excel

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Monte Carlo simulation for Excel featuring distribution strings (DIST Technology). Create interactive simulation models in Excel. Take the next step towards instilling probability management practices in your organization. Get started with XLSim today RISK FREE.

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The book Decision Making with Insight ships with XLSim2. Uninstall it and download the latest version of XLSim to take advantage of DIST Technology and new graphing options.


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Vector Economics has developed unprecedented technology for aggregating risk and uncertainty. We learned things from it that we didn't even know that we didn't know.
James Mead, Portfolio Director, AstraZeneca
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Vector Economics has enabled us to incorporate uncertainty around both external events and internal performance, with an ease that we didn't realize was possible; dramatically improving understanding and decision making.
Philip A Fahringer, Lockheed Martin Operations Analyst

I think your product is amazing...
Finance manager, Consumer electronics retailer (Ahh shucks. We love receiving emails like these.)
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The DIST is a significant advance in the representation of probability distributions. At Morningstar and Ibbotson, we have already begun to explore using it to enhance our capabilities in Monte Carlo simulation and portfolio optimization when return distributions are highly non-normal."
Paul Kaplan, Director of Research, Morningstar Europe

Distribution Strings represent a major breakthrough in the communication of risk and uncertainty. It significantly widens the practical applicability of sound theory in these fields.
Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize in Economics 1990
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In my job as a transformation analyst with Oregon's Department of Administrative Services, I've developed a protocol for using XLSim as part of our Lean Six Sigma process improvement work with business units throughout state government. For example, I just finished a project with our Risk Group (our state self-insurance company) and was able to show them how to reduce the median time it takes to process a claim by 30%. On a previous project, we used XLSim to help our Department of Fish & Wildlife decrease the time it takes to get permission to hire from 11 days to just 1!

The critical role that XLSim plays is that it allows the process improvement team to play "what-if" in order to discover the highest leverage solutions to their problems without having to resort to the costly real life trial and error. Using XLSim enables process improvement teams to see the likely results of their countermeasures using their own data; it instills confidence that their ideas will actually work; and facilitates implementation and follow up monitoring and control.
Tim Acker, Office of Transformation, State of Oregon

What about upgrades?

We use this stuff too! So as enhancements and patches are released Software upgrades will be applied automatically. All you do is launch XLSim and enjoy the latest capabilities. You wont even know it happened.

Questions, comments, concerns?

A tutorial and examples are included with the download as well as extensive help documentation. Still not convinced? Wondering how we make money? What is the catch you ask? Simply put XLSim would cost more to market and support than it would generate in revenue. So we decided to give it away and focus on other more commercially viable opportunities. Still have questions? Contact us.

2012 - Vector Economics - XLSim - Monte Carlo Simulation using DISTs

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